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The Daihatsu 950 P engine will not be available until fourth quarter 2013, presently we are providing the Kubota 972 engine, for more information follow this link: Kubota 972


Alternator Engine Controls Enclosures Dimension Work Sheet
Model 6250 Alternator with
Daihatsu 950P Gas Engine


Daihatsu Model 950P with Model 6250 or 6255 Alternators.

Telecommunications, Remote Electric and Solar / Wind, Electric Hybrid Vehicles.

Operates on either Propane or Natural gas. Models also available in Gasoline.

The Daihatsu gas engines are designed for 24 hour a day operation. A realistic life expectancy is between 15,000 to 50,000 hours depending on model and maintenance. (The popular RV generators on the same scale are only 2,500 hours) These gas engines are derived from a diesel engine.  The injectors are removed and a gas carburetor, spark plugs and ignition are added and the compression ratio lowered.  Conversion / manufacture is by Daihatsu. The heavy-duty diesel type engine block, bearings, crankshaft, cylinder and pistons provide a very reliable and long life generator.

Polar has discontinued the use of the Model 6200 series Alternators on the Kohler and Kawasaki engines.  In Telecommunication applications the Kohler and Kawasaki engines have served very well because there was a strong level of maintenance and mechanical support, in addition the engine run time was limited. In solar and rural applications there is a much lower level maintenance and mechanical support available. Typically (85%) of rural and solar applications significantly underestimate the run time required of the generator, generators are called upon to run thousands of hours each year as opposed to the hundreds as projected.

The most notable advantage of the Daihatsu 950P is that there are four large bearings to support the crankshaft as opposed two smaller bearings in the Kohler and Kawasaki engines.  The model 6200 series has a heavy rotor and a small air gap (for high efficiency) so heavy duty bearings lead to long life and low maintenance.

The Model 6250 alternator with the Daihatsu 950P generator is a very significant improvement over the typical RV and construction site generators.  In many Solar / Wind sites owners are replacing their RV / construction site generators once or twice year.  This is especially true in warm climates where systems are powering air-conditioning.  The long life Daihatsu engine and our situation where the generator output can connect directly to the battery allowing to higher charging currents means that this product can serve for 10 to 25 years.

The Model 6250 alternator with the Daihatsu 950P is excellent for electric hybrid vehicles.  This application requires a very durable generator that can handle large current surges, road vibration, and long periods of operation.

Propane fueled generator sets are supplied with vapor withdraw carburetion. Fuel supply pressure required is 6 – 8 ounces. Liquid withdraw is available at an additional cost. Fuel tanks are not supplied and can be obtained from your local propane supplier.

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